Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This is a few hours early, but since tomorrow's a busy day I'll do it now:

I was going to use an old close up of Jon pinching his nipple for this birthday post, but then I remembered that I have to keep this guy on my side for the rest of his life because he is in possession of most of the embarrassing samantha-related artifacts of the past half-dozen years. The samantha and bethany show? A notebook-length letter covering several years? A bunch of pictures, occasionally less clothed rather than more? Check, one and all. The public release of these treasures would be devastating to any potential public career.

There's a song lyric that says "I resent the way you make me like myself" which pretty adequately sums up the length of our friendship. Jon never goes out of focus and he's always there to call me on my bullshit when it needs calling. He's an expert at calming down and cheering up and making fun and being my friend. I can (and often do) tell him anything because I have absolutely no fear that he'll stop liking me. He even thinks I'm funny when I'm drunk. Jon's a once-in-a-lifetime sort of guy, and I'm glad he's been part of my world for so long already.

Happy birthday, Mr. Hayter! I (heart) you!

(Also, happy birthday to Jon's twin sister, about whom I know nothing except that she had a car with a leaky gas tank and that we got our tattoos around the same time for our 18th birthdays [our birthdays are 9 days apart, so that makes perfect sense]. It's possible that she was also studying psychology, but I'm not sure she has a name. Sometime in the -next- seven years, I'll remember to ask about that.)

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