Monday, August 16, 2004

Dear David Byrne,
Thanks for coming to Seattle and playing such a fun show. It's good to see that you still do strange dancing things.
And thanks for that second opera song, which mixed with the twilight and dripped on my head. Also, thanks for playing some of the songs that used to get me in trouble for singing in school. (The next time we sit down and have a beer, remind me to tell you about the talking to I got from my third grade teacher about my inspired impromptu performance of 'Psycho Killer.')
Next time, I advise an opening act that's a bit more upbeat.
I like your white hair.


Dear Guy Playing the Bongos,
Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? It sure looked like you could. I really liked your drum tree thingie.


Dear Crowd,
You were the boogieingest crowd I've ever been in. Way to go! Thanks for being a bunch of people I could shake my ass with.


Dear Guy Sitting Behind Me,
Sorry about the above mentioned ass shaking. Everyone else was standing up...why weren't you?


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