Saturday, August 14, 2004

Talking to my mom, post-hurricane:
"I'm pretty disappointed. All this hullabaloo, 'never happened since 90 years ago' stuff...and nothing. They cleared out half the town. It was supposed to come right up the mouth of Tampa Bay. We could practically have had a barbecue. It didn't even -rain-."
"Oh good, mom, I'm glad you're so let down that there wasn't any mass death and destruction in the neighborhood. You wanted, maybe, dismembered old ladies floating down the streets, and suchlike?"
"No. I just feel cheated. You remember that storm when you were a kid and we had to swim back to the trailer? Now -that- was a storm."
"Did you tape the windows?"
"No, we're going to replace most of them anyway. Have you heard from anyone else?"
I sigh heavily here. "No. I imagine people pretty much stayed put. I wonder what they did with nan, though." My grandmother has Parkinson's and isn't easily moved in the best of times.

So there we go...everyone is likely very safe. The only person I knew in the place that actually got hit, Pete's mom, moved away a few months ago. Even still, I don't appreciate the close call.

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