Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I had two imaginary friends as a kid: Speedy and Kathleen. They came from Nova Scotia (which I thought was in South America) and they lived in a bus.
I don't actually remember them. I'm not sure what they did or if I used them as fall guys for my misdeeds. That I had them is no surprise--I was a pretty solitary kid. But the facts of them are gone. I've lost what they looked and sounded like.
(Aside: my brother turned into his imaginary friend. He'd put on his glasses and wear a backwards baseball cap and then he'd be Phil, who was a mean guy that looked an awful lot like my brother in glasses and a backwards hat.)
I don't remember the life of Speedy and Kathleen, but I do remember getting out of the bathtub to inform my mom of their exit: they'd gone down the drain in their bus, back to Nova Scotia.
I guess I didn't miss them, not enough to remember. And anyway, now I've got all of you for imaginary friends.

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