Monday, August 30, 2004

Early in the evening at the Daymented August Everything Party, before most of the crowd showed up, I was loitering by the fishtank and happened on a couple of packages of kazoos. "Fantastic," I thought, "kazoos make a party a party." And then I went outside to watch people light things on fire, and promptly forgot all about them.
I was pretty excited a while later when Stacey turned up, passing them out. I do love me some kazoo. And I was a little surprised when we started playing the wedding march on our fabulous plastic instruments. But when a bride and groom showed up? That was a cool party trick.
I (heart) weddings, even when they're people I don't know.
Also of note at the party: this baby is as cute as advertised, Bonnie has 11 kids and doesn't seem remotely frazzled, and I never got around to introducing myself to Sonya because I'm at a loss for how you go up to someone and introduce yourself as your website. It just doesn't work for me.

We went for a walk on Saturday, and then I totally beat the pants off Bowser in Super Mario World. I'm so 1993.

Yesterday, TYD and John invited us to the Evergreen State Fair. The theme was "The land of milk and honey," which was a trifle confusing since there was no milk or honey to be found. I befriended a bunch of livestock, and a little girl walked right up to me and asked if I would like to pet her dog, as though there were anything else I'd rather have been doing. I failed to win a goldfish, and that's probably for the best because goldfish are pretty boring.

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