Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Whenever I am on an elevator with someone and I get off before they do, I have an almost overwhelming urge to thank them. This happens nearly as often if I'm in an elevator with more than one person, especially if they know each other and if I'm the only one getting off on that floor.
I'm not sure what I want to thank them for. For not wrestling me to the bottom of the elevator and refusing to let me exit on the right floor? For not ridiculing my inability to use an escalator for a trip one floor lower than theirs? For not using the time that we are shut in together to comment on my hair/clothes/uneven facial features?
I don't believe I've ever actually done the thanking thing, but I still feel just as goofy each time I think it as I would had I gone and said it. Maybe I should try it some time and see if it confuses the person in the elevator enough for me to shift the burden of embarrassment onto them.

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