Saturday, July 24, 2004

Julia's on Capitol Hill isn't really one of my favorite places in Seattle. I don't actively dislike it, and given 15 seconds I'll probably tell you how it was the first place I ate in Seattle, but I generally just don't particularly want to go there. But we stopped by for a last drink last night, and it turned out to be a fabulous thing to do.
Earlier, we had been to Samantha Storey's going away party. We ran into the Dayments who let us hang out with them for a bit, but then they left and I found myself in a bar full of people I don't know.
Now, I have a dramatic lack of social skills. (Sorry, bar full of people.) I'm not particularly good at inserting myself into conversations but I wanted Jeff to have a chance to talk to people that he knew. So I decided that the thing to do was have some drinks. I'm not typically much of a drinker, but I decided that last night was the night.
After we left the party we slipped into Julia's. I ordered my drink and excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I came out my drink was ready, and it was fantastic. I was mentally cheering the bartender when he came back over and asked how my drink was. I gave him the thumbs up, and that's when he wagged the bottle of 100 proof Stoli that he'd made it with at me.
Hilarity ensued, the restaurant closed, and we ended up locked into the bar with two other couples and a bartender with sparkly straws. He made a batch of Hurricanes and chugged the remainder from the jug himself. I remembered why I like drinking, especially for free.

Of course, it all has a price, which I was noticing as I stumbled up to my front door this morning. (I stumbled, it should be noted, because my feet are all over blisters from my shoes.) I needed groceries and so I headed out to my car to go to the store. I got in and tried to clean the dusty window but nothing came out of the little holes. I figured that I was out of washer fluid, and it wasn't until I was almost there that I realized I had been tugging on the wrong lever, and had been flashing my brights at everyone. So I guess the moral of that is not to drive with a hangover.

I advise visiting the friendly bartender at Julia's.

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