Sunday, July 25, 2004

Road berries.
It's probably a good thing that I don't have a backyard with its own berries, because I'd spend too much time looking at them and not enough, uh, laying about.

Yesterday was so hot. I've been getting a lot of, "But you're from Florida, so this should feel just like home!" and when I say no, they tell me I've gone soft.
In Florida, air conditioners (central air conditioners) turn on in March and don't go off again until November. Unless they want to, no one in Florida has to spend more time in the heat than it takes to get from the car to the building and vice versa.
In high school my car had 4/40 air conditioning, and so no one ever wanted to ride in it. Then the automatic windows stopped working, and it didn't even have that.

No one from Florida wants to give me sympathy. I called Pete a while ago to talk about the script (a conversation that consisted mostly about 'story conference' jokes, a phrase that once had a very different meaning), and even though he's in L.A. now he still doesn't feel bad for me. My mom just laughs.

I spent yesterday with all the blinds drawn, trying not to move. Today is shaping up to be much more tolerable.

(As a final aside [and more parenthesis], Dave called also [sorry, kids, no one I know outside of Seattle has a website] to say that he's going to have his midlife crisis by living on an island. He'll be island hopping until he finds one he likes, and I wish him luck.]

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