Thursday, October 01, 2009

I don't sleep anyway, right, so why not go ahead and decide to read Dracula during October? It's not like I'm already working full time and taking two classes and writing things in places and keeping up my drinking, or anything. I'm sure there are a couple of free minutes somewhere that I can devote to vampires.

I had actually planned to spend the fall with Carver and Chekhov and Berger (because that's how far I got in the bookstore before I realized I had to stop), but I'm interested in the idea of reading the same thing at the same time as other people unrelated to any schooling. I'm not interested in Infinite Jest and I'm really not interested in Twilight, and I have always wanted to read Dracula. So, here's an excuse.

You should probably pity all of the people who are around me on a regular basis, though, as I'm already jumping at shadows and seeing the undead everywhere as it is. So I'm sure I'll be a real peach to be around for the next few weeks. A screechy, nervous, pitiful peach.

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