Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another thing that shouldn't be as much of a surprise as it has been is how time consuming grad school really is. I'm all in now, going twice a week straight from work to school (and then usually to the bar), spending the spare time in between reading things that have nothing to do with vampires. I miss the days when the point of school was to read novels and write about them--reading about nonprofit tax structure and talking about it is a whole lot less interesting. If more interesting than I had anticipated.

Time is doing that annoying thing that it does where in some things it seems to be moving incredibly slowly and in other things just hurtling by, which frankly is a habit of time's that I just find annoying. So I'm taking an extra long weekend in order to glare at time until it agrees to shape up. (Also to write a paper and look at the trees and hopefully get some sewing done.) There's a lot coming up--Halloween and Orcas Island and Thanksgiving and Christmas. It would be a shame to miss any of it because it runs by too fast.

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