Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hi, 2009!

Just before you showed up last night, a girl sitting above and behind me shattered a glass, which filled my hair and purse and seat with tiny slivers and giant chunks of glass. I'm just going to go ahead and call that 2008's parting shot. 2008 is such a jerk.

When you came it was with hugs and champagne and my friends at the bar that I love, which is an incredibly satisfactory way to start of the year. I came home some time after last call and ate tater tots, because my fridge is broken and has frozen everything in it solid, so the cake I had planned on for my first 2009 food was not an option. Stupid fridge.

But today I started you out for real at a Very Special Thursday Edition of my favorite part of the week, brunch at Linda's (10 hours after we left at last call), where though it was crowded we somehow immediately were seated. After mimosas and pancakes and bacon we had post-brunch coffee at a new favorite, and then I walked home in the light rain, all of which makes me very happy.

2009, I find you very satisfactory so far. I am going to go ahead and decide right now that this year is going to be awesome, and full of cookies and aardvarks and pangolins and robots and movies and whiskey and friends and memories and smiles and high fives. I think we deserve it.

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