Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And now here we are in this new old world with a job of work to be done and certain sure we'll screw some of it up somehow. We always do. Still, I get a little damp in the eyes every time I even think the words President Obama. I have always been a hope junkie, and I'm so glad people are finally there with me. The air is thinner out here, but it tastes better.

Tonight I'm off on an excruciating red-eye flight back to Tampa Bay, to look at my grandmother for a few hours and then come right back on Saturday. With luck, the refrigerator fairy will visit my apartment while I am gone and deliver a new, non-frozen refrigerator. With more luck, my airplane won't encounter any geese, and with even more luck I'll manage to schedule in a little extra quality time with a couple of people who have known me since I carried a pager because it was cool. I'm not usually very lucky, but this seems like a pretty good time to start.

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