Saturday, January 24, 2009

There's never really time to adjust to the time zone on these trips, and too many people to see, so I always seem to go to sleep on Seattle time but wake up on Florida time, and this means that there have been approximately three hours of sleeping done by me in the last few days. I am coming home from this trip with a cameo of my grandmother's, my grandad's old fishing maps, and my great-grandfather's copy of Treasure Island. My grandad's leather sap will either follow in the mail along with his James Bond books or come back with me in a larger suitcase when I'm back in a couple of weeks. None of my airplanes so far have encountered any flocks of geese.

Right now I am in the airport, waiting to go home, having looked at my grandma and spent some extra quality time with my old friends. I let myself get suckered into an upgrade to first class on this first flight, which will be on a Volkswagen beetle with wings and therefore probably not particularly luxurious for my first visit with the privileged class, but perhaps an adventure nonetheless. Tonight I will sleep for hours and hours and then tomorrow after brunch I will make six quarts of soup. I am equally excited about all of this.

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