Sunday, December 07, 2008

Website, today you are five. I guess that means I should be thinking about where to send you to kindergarten in the fall.

We are still together mostly because I am an OCD sort of person and you have become as much a compulsion as re-checking my front door constantly to see if it's locked. I need everything to have a place, and you have become the place where certain kinds of thinking go. I have other worse habits to get rid of before I start to work on getting rid of you.

We've been together for several relationships and many miscellaneous adventures with the opposite sex, two big international trips, a few major illnesses, a handful deaths, and all but the first few months of this insane discovery adventure, where I quit everything I knew and moved 3,000 miles away to a town that had no friends or job waiting. It's been a big five years, and a whole lot of fun. We have written a bunch of nonsense in the past five years, but maybe we have figured a few things out along the way.

Hm. Maybe in honor of this anniversary, we should play that question game again.

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