Friday, December 19, 2008

Hi. There are zillions of snowflakes outside and I have had two and a half snow days and though people who hail from snowier climates have been doing their level best to grump on my parade, it has been awesome. I am very very busy making snowlumps and throwing snowballs and going SLEDDING for the first time and sustaining tragic sledding injuries and getting in snowball fights with packs of miscellaneous children and taking incredibly slow penguin walks and drinking warm things and reading books under blankets.

Anyone who says that sledding in a skirt doesn't work has clearly never gone sledding with me, because I managed it with aplomb and without exposing the top seams of my tights even once. I would claim to be a sledding prodigy if it weren't for all of those injures, and my total terror about the whole careening downhill thing. Sledding is scary.

I'm sure this would be very easy to get tired of, and it looks like we're in for something worse in the next couple of days, but for the time being at least I am very much in favor of the weather forcing fun to happen. Freezing cold with a purpose I am completely ok with.

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