Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seattle is stupidly cold right now, and I am honestly not even remotely equipped to deal with a week where the temperature never gets above freezing. This is part of why I moved to Seattle, in fact: the temperate winters. It's supposed to snow for a night and then go back to being 40 degrees and raining, and this relentless cold with no rain is not what I signed up for. If this was what I wanted out of weather, I would have moved to Chicago.

When I was a kid and would leave dishes of water outside to never get frozen, because it never got cold enough, I would make my mom bring me my school clothes so that I could get dressed under the blankets in the warm. (The average low in Tampa in December is 52 degrees. It might hit freezing once every other year.) This week I have been sleeping with my clothes in the bed with me, although trying to put them on and not knock over the covers is much more difficult now that I'm a little bit bigger. I've been wearing pants every day, and tights under my pants. Every blanket in my apartment is on my bed, and I'm considering investing in a heating pad, or a dog, or a date. Last night I was trying to cut fabric and had to stop because I couldn't feel my hands, since my baseboard heaters are no match for this cold. My hair is all full of static and my skin is dry. I am very, very cold, and not at all happy about it, is what I'm saying.

Complaining about the cold helps me stay warm, though.

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