Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh man, universe, you're not pulling any punches these days, are you? Are you trying to test the strength of my recovery? Is it just that it's spring, and everything interesting picks back up in the spring? Am I living in the Bermuda Triangle? Running into this guy the other day was bad enough, but then last night happened.

Yesterday was national No Pants Day and I let myself be bullied into changing for the party from my dress into bloomers and a shirt. This required a gallon or two of champagne, for courage, and I wasn't sure I wasn't drunkenly hallucinating a little when at the end of the night there was a familiar crooked smile peering down at me. I couldn't believe it--I still can't--since it's been years since I've seen him. And I was torn between kicking him in the knees and having a bit of a panic attack. It's not easy to maintain your equilibrium when confronted with a boy who broke your heart when you're not wearing any pants, and I think, universe, that maybe you should ease up a little. Just for a little while.

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