Monday, May 05, 2008

Seattle, today is our five-year anniversary. I plan to celebrate by talking about a book with some hilarious girls and then having some drinks with some other people at a bar where another friend is dj-ing. I love that this is my life now. Thanks for all of the flowers. I think you're real pretty.

I was talking with someone I used to know recently, because it is spring and so 'someone I used to know' is a frequently recurring revolving cast of characters, and as a result I have come up with a new plan, called Operation: More Adventurous. (Theme song: Life is a Highway.) I've been thinking lately that there is handedness in decision-making in the same way that there's handedness in writing and throwing and high-fiving. When I walk into rooms I almost always veer to the right in the same way that I always write with the same hand. And I think I do the same thing with decisions. So for May, I'm supposed to turn left inside my head when normally I would turn right. Yes instead of no. Sometimes. You get the picture. (I'm hoping this turns out better than January's Operation: Brute Force Good Mood.) It's spring time, and that means it's time to air out my momentums to make sure they're the right ones.

And hey, gentlemen of the internet, here's a discussion I've been having with various dudes all weekend: If you were to meet a girl at a party and she wasn't wearing pants (as this was the theme of the party), would you be more or less inclined to call her?

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