Friday, March 14, 2008

I went to see a naturopath yesterday. As time goes on I get more and more neurotic about chemicals and what they're doing to the fish, not to mention what they're doing to my brain, so I generally don't want to swallow them. Brains and fish are delicate things, after all. (Except for that fish that eats wood. That one's probably not so delicate.) At the same time, I'm really bored of being tired all the time, no matter how much I sleep, and I'm also pretty bored of recovering for the aftermath of the last two months.
So I went to the naturopath and she gave me some things to swallow, but she also told me that one of my legs is quite a bit longer than the other. (Relatively speaking.) And this, I think, is my new favorite excuse for being so clumsy--because my left side is made for a person a bit bigger than my right side. I think this also accounts for my overly large left foot. I think perhaps one of my legs was switched at birth. I should look into this.

A friend is coming up from LA this weekend for the post-wedding bachelorette celebration, which means that I'll be roaming Seattle for the next few days with the same people I went to Vegas with. As that trip resulted in mass hilarity and a bunch of nice Swedish boys getting kicked out of their hotel room because the hot tub overflowed a lot, I have to say that I am really looking forward to this weekend.

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