Sunday, May 06, 2007

I was one of those kids that secretly dreamed of spending the night in a museum. Any museum would have done, although my main frame of reference was the Dali museum, which would have given me a little more than I'd bargained for, I think. Anyway, it seemed like an excellent idea to stumble out into the morning having spent the time I should have been sleeping looking at art. So spending from about 2-5 AM last night at the new SAM was a pretty acceptable fulfillment of that childhood dream.

The shots of tequila beforehand and the incredibly hot male company were not part of the original vision, but I feel that adolescent samantha would seriously approve of the upgrade.

Next on the wish list: making out in the planetarium at the Museum of Natural History. Hi, New York? I'll be there in three weeks. Let's make this happen.

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