Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hotel television makes bad background noise for wrapping potted flowers in tulle. We switched to the Discovery channel when whatever we had settled on originally started yelling about rape, but stories about people getting lost on a mountain are not much better.

I admit to being a little thrilled when I realized that my hotel bed came with a remote control, but it turns out that it's only to change the firmness of the mattress. There are no quarters involved at all.

Hey, you guys? Let's go fishing sometime this summer.

The wedding is in a few hours, and I can guarantee that I will cry, because I am a sucker and weddings always make me cry. Other things that are guaranteed to make me cry include:
Any movie where a kid loses a best friend
Any movie where someone is running after someone else, and they almost don't catch them, but then the person turns back and sees them and everything is ok. Especially if there's rain.
The part of Little Women where Beth dies
The book Love is a Mixtape. It's a book-length love letter to music and his dead wife? Good christ. We should all be loved so eloquently
Most first things, in retrospect.

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