Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hey there, New York. I'm coming to your house on Sunday, and we are going to trade mixtapes and drink too much and tell secrets. If we've already made plans to make plans when I get there, I'm so excited to see you that I just might burst. If we don't have plans, yet, why not? You should email me so that we can have coffee/cocktails/look at the dinosaur bones/make out in the planetarium/nap in the park together.

Pennsylvania, I'll be seeing you on Friday, but I have a feeling I'll be real busy watching Steph and Ryan get hitched, attempting to convince their friends to move to Seattle, and wearing my pretty new dress.

I'm so impatient to be gone, mostly because I haven't gone on a trip that didn't involve a conference or my family since China, and I'm thrilled to not have to watch any powerpoint presentations or justify my decisions after spending all of that time on an airplane. I need an actual vacation.
Plus, it will be nice to leave the excellent mess I've made of things around here. I'm still having a good time, but I don't think things can get much more complicated around here without something really soap opera-y. Which could happen at any moment, honestly.

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