Sunday, January 15, 2006

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So. After the space store on Saturday I had dinner with Steph and Ryan (which Steph cooked and which was so tasty) before Harold and Maude at the Egyptian. It's one of my favorite movies, and I watch it all the time, but seeing it in a theatre full of people was really neat. And the theatre was relatively full, especially for a midnight movie. At one point, the film broke, and everyone gasped like we'd all had our feet stepped on at the same moment.
I love this town.

This morning, Caroline and I went to Rod's for brunch, which was yummy spinach and feta omelets and scones. Brunch makes Sunday morning worthwhile. I then met Jean downtown to go shopping, and bought (among other things) an argyle sweater that makes me look like I'm about to caddy a golf game.
I also love argyle.
We shopped ourselves out and then went back to her new house, where her husband and his brother were rewiring things and wrangling Tate, who is two. There was dinner in Greenlake, and Tate and I are now best friends.

Tomorrow is a holiday, and I'm just not sure if I'm going to go down to Elliott Bay to hang out before I have to be back here for my French lesson or not. Currently, my inclination is not, but that could just be because I'm tired.

Now! Ice cream and couch time!

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