Thursday, January 12, 2006

I must say, I think my favorite part of all this rain--which I am enjoying, by the way--might be the opportunity to come home sopping wet and change into my bathrobe, rather than the sound of the raindrops on my hood or the quality of the light. I am appreciating my bathrobe more tonight than I may have since it was given to me.
We're on, what, 25 days of it now? More, please.

Today was an angry day, angry about a recent gay bashing of a friend, angry about sports, just angry. It's not something I get very often, so I had a good time just being mad. The rain provided lots of puddles for smashing, which I did with abandon after a bus splashed a great big one all over me on the way home.

I can feel my stitches with my tongue now. This might be yucky to you, but it's awesome in here.

The plans for the next few days are as follows: ...actually, I've got little planned. I imagine I'll be in space on Saturday, and then having dinner with the Steph and the Ryan before Harold and Maude for the midnight movie. Sunday morning is brunch at Rod's.

After happy hour tonight I headed down to my favorite dock to regroup. I'm just...I dunno, worn thin, I guess. There's been a lot more attention than I'm used to lately, and a lack of the attention I'm always hoping for.

Last night I had a drink with Caroline. She's one of those girls that I don't see often enough, but every time I do it's kind of a surprise that I get to be friends with this sort of people--she improves the quality of life of everyone she meets, and that's just astonishing. I don't know what I did to have such funny, genuine, amazing people in my life, but I really need to figure it out so I can keep doing it.

I feel like I ought to be pretending to be a monster, making claws out of my hands and shouting "Graaar" at my victims. I do not know what to think about the way some things go.

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