Friday, January 13, 2006

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I had intended to work on a few projects and write some letters this evening, but pirate movies and ice cream conspired to keep me on the couch. I'm powerless to resist pirate movies and ice cream, even when they're my own suggestion.

Toby and I got into a fight this afternoon that sort of degenerated into trading insults about his inability to break up with the girlfriend he doesn't like and my inability to be bold. Which is really just the both of us being unsatisfied with situations that we don't know how to change, but it was a poor start to the weekend. (He believes that fellows are usually completely clueless about ladies and their inclinations toward said fellows, and I'm pretty sure that since girls are the same only the other way 'round, we are all out of luck. Which equals an argument where he thinks I should make moves when I don't know if moves would be welcomed. We've been fighting about this for years.) I don't like fighting or being mean, and even though by the end we'd made up like twelve year old girls it left a bad taste behind.
Fortunately, there's ice cream for those things.

Reading through one of my cookbooks earlier, I realized it's probably a good thing that I'm not near a grocery store or I'd be cooking way more than I can eat. This would be less of a problem if I wasn't such a baby about cooking for other people. Maybe I'll start making food for the unrecoverable alcoholics down the street.

Some of my friends are getting phone calls from people concerned about how we're dealing with all this rain, which is something my grandma and I were just giggling about yesterday. All this rain. I haven't even had to swim home yet.

I started making travel arrangements today for my spring conferences. Nashville and Boston (and Raleigh/Durham), I'll see you in March.

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