Monday, April 18, 2005

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Yes, that tulip bud is staring at you.

It has recently been blood-giving time at my place of employment, a time of year that makes me feel terribly guilty. I've never been able to give blood. I wouldn't meet the minimum weight requirement soaking wet with my heaviest shoes on, and even if I did my blood is lacking in iron and tends toward the sentimental. So every time I pass the tables inviting the passers-by to sign up and donate I shrug sheepishly and avert my eyes.

A coworker brought me a bag of clothes and shoes that are too small for her. Other women tend to see me as a doll for grownups, and they're always trying to dress me up. Included therein is a smoking pair of dangerous black heels. I won't be able to wear them often--I do too much walking--but when I do wear them it will be completely worth it.

Also, it appears that this is an even better year than last year for being my ex-something (boyfriend, one night stand, long distance correspondent) if you want to get married or have kids. Just as a warning to those of you who are reading this and are an ex-something.
I guess the logical conclusion of that ought to be an invitation to become an ex-something if you're looking to get married or have a kid. There's still a few months where we could do something and then stop, with a few left over to acquire someone to marry or have a child with.
There is honestly absolutely no bitterness here, just a little bit of 'huh, well isn't that interesting.' I wish them all the happiness they deserve, and even more than that for some of them. Better them than me--my apartment is far too small for either husband or children.

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