Friday, April 08, 2005

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Did you all notice the lovely spring day today? I always told you I was magic. I hope you took full advantage of it. Me, I jumped in all the leftover puddles, and I may or may not have charged face first into the breezes on my way home.

I learned today about the demon in the veins of a friend. I don't think he wanted to tell me--I don't think he wanted to tell anyone--but sometimes we don't get to choose who we confide in any more than we get to choose who confides in us. If I am to be perfectly honest, I'd have to tell you that it isn't a secret I'd have chosen to pick up. I'm not sure how to learn not to search for dying inside his face, how to learn not to want to make him soup every time he coughs or hold his hand when he sneezes. And learn how not to do those things is just what I'll have to do. The rest of his friends and family will know soon enough. And then he'll need someone to be his friend not because of his illness or even in spite of it, but because it doesn't figure into the equation at all.
I will be that friend if it is possible for any person to do so.

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