Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A voicemail message from my mother this afternoon says, "By the way, your grandmother got hit by lightning yesterday and I have gout."
And you wonder where I got my penchant for dramatic and slightly inaccurate turns of phrases from. (Grandma's house got struck by lightning, not my grandma. It fried some of her electronic equipment but otherwise things are fine. Almost getting hit by lightning runs in my family.)

Years ago, my friends were in the habit of actively trying to hook me up with single boys. They have of recent years (thankfully) fallen out of this habit, but back when it was the thing to do they would always start their laundry list of good qualities with the words, "I know this guy, he's really strange, you have to meet him."
I was alternately amused and really irritated by this particular way of putting things. Was it a comment on me myself or just my taste in men? Eventually I decided that I really didn't care, and I moved on.
Except that recently I've realized that this sentence is making a sort of inverted comeback. When my coworkers ask me what the men I've been dating lately are like, I notice that one of the first things out of my mouth is, "He's a great guy. A little odd, though." And when I say this they look at me like I'm intentionally being thickheaded, and they reply, "Well, yes. That's how you like them, isn't it?"
And thinking about it today, I guess it sort of is.

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