Friday, April 29, 2005

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This is the newest member of my family, for the moment alternately called Owen and Dick Turpin until I can hit on a suitable name. I've been talking about switching for a while, and decided that now was the time to go. So far so good, aside from some minor troubles with getting files off the old one. Stubborn thing.

Mike went with me to get it yesterday during lunch, because he's the closest accessible technosexual--his office is right across from my cube. I don't know quite how annoyed I'm supposed to be that whenever I find myself in public with a male friend, people automatically assume that we're together. I do know that telling Mike to help me along getting the thing set up was a bit much.

I woke up this morning with an angry porcupine in my throat and chills that made my skin hurt. But I am a trooper, or a masochist, and so I shuffled myself into the office anyway. A couple of hours later, I conceded defeat, came home, put on the warmest clothes I could find, and fell asleep for the next three and a half hours.
That was the best I've felt all day. I took a nice long bath, filling the tub up with enough bubbles that I almost expected my mom to call from Florida to yell at me for overfilling. The water wasn't ever hot enough to make my skin stop wanting to crawl off, and I think I'm officially sick. And craving apple juice.
My shower curtain rod is crooked.

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