Friday, March 04, 2005

There was giggling coming from somewhere in my office. Giggling in my office is pretty normal, since we're a rather merry bunch and we all like each other a lot. We're good at having fun--we do trivia every morning and, starting today, Friday Mad Libs--but this giggling was not from voices that I recognized.
After a minute or two I realized that there were small children around, and they were the ones laughing. Small children are also not too unusual in my office. I peeked around the corner of my cube but I couldn't see anyone, although I was pretty sure that the noises were coming from the unused reception desk by the elevator. I snuck over to the desk and peeked over, and there wrestling on the ground were two little boys. One of them had the other pinned and he was biting him in the head. I recognize that hold, the 'stay still you jerk so I can bite you in the head' hold--my brothers have perfected it. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and no one was bleeding, so I left them to it.

Last night someone told me to "Go on, do it," so I went on and did it only to spit it right back out into my napkin. I haven't done that since I was six, but apparently there are still some foods that require one to make the choice between spitting it out and throwing up.

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