Sunday, December 21, 2003

"What are you doing?"
"Looking at the sky."
"But samantha, you're going to run into something."
I sigh, stop walking, and turn to look at William. I've tried to like William, I really have, but he looks like giant walking penis and it's impossible to take him seriously.
"Every time I see you, you're looking at the sky. What's up there?"
"Clouds, William, clouds are up there."
"Oh. I don't get it. Are you looking for shapes?"
I can see Derik walking towards us across the lawn and he's making shooing motions with his hands, encouraging me to get rid of William.
"William, I'm looking at the sky because looking at the likes of you isn't that interesting." I can't help but be terribly mean to him, although I'm not usually an actively mean girl. Something about him brings out the worst in me. "And here's a secret for you: I believe that someday I'm going to run smack into someone else that's looking at the sky. And you know what'll happen then? I'll marry that person."
"But...samantha, you don't want to get married."
"To you, William. I don't want to get married to -you-." I can't bear to continue this and so, before he can answer, rudely cutting the conversation off, I scamper across the crispy grass baking in the September sun and tackle Derik, who for all his faults at least never asks me stupid questions.

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