Thursday, December 18, 2003

I have a book called Responding to Film written by Constantine Santas.
When I first started college Dr. Santas was the head of the English Department. I took one of the last classes he taught before his retirement, Romantic and Victorian Literature, and when he told me I had earned an A I threw myself at him to hug him. He was a little man with a thick, thick Greek accent and while he had never known quite what to make of me he knew even less right then.
When Dr. Lidh mentioned that he would be using Dr. Santas' recently published book as the textbook for our Film Literature class, I wondered if it was written in a thick Greek accent. I wondered if the book would chuckle dustily as it made jokes about Caliban and opium.
I wondered if it would be uncouth of me to stop by his house and ask for an autograph.

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