Thursday, December 18, 2003

I live in Washington state now. My whole life, up until, well, now, was spent in sunny Florida. There was a little culture shock when I moved and the sudden lack of close friends promoted an almost unprecidented bout of loneliness, but other than that, I thought I was golden.
But now winter has arrived and I've come to realize that sweaters and long-sleeved shirts really mess with my self-image. You would think that a girl with my history of poor body image would revel in the chance to cover myself up but oh no, it isn't that easy. Turns out that I'm more comfortable with myself when I'm in full view than I am under wraps. I need to form this whole new concept of myself in bulky fabrics, and this is proving to be slightly more difficult than I had originally imagined.
The moral here, my friends, is don't move across the country.

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