Monday, April 27, 2009

Yesterday we threw a surprise early birthday party for one of my favorite people, and I tasked myself with distracting the birthday boy long enough for the people we were having brunch with to get to the party, and for the rest of the guests to assemble. I was doing remarkably well, considering how bad I am at keeping both secrets and my cool, until a last minute change in the plan led to attempting to buy a cake for the party with the honoree in tow. I didn't blow the surprise, but I nearly did, concocting a ludicrous story and delivering it while sweating and stuttering nervously.

Fortunately, the thing about throwing a surprise party two weeks before someone's actual birthday is that they never see it coming.

And then we made kites and tried hard to fly them in the park in the absence of both wind and structural integrity, and had cake and cheeseburgers and champagne, and the whole thing was incredibly satisfying. I don't think we do enough positive scheming, any of us. We should probably all start making up for that right now.

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