Sunday, April 12, 2009

I disappear sometimes, in between breaths. Thinning and fading. Happens so fast that you wouldn't notice unless you were watching very closely, but it's interesting how far you can travel without breathing.

There's this cave on the Greek Island of Crete, the Zeus Cave. It's supposed to be the cave where Zeus was born or reared while his mother, Rhea, was trying to hide him from his father, Chronos, who was in the habit of eating his children. Certain cults say that touching parts of the inside of the cave will alter your DNA. In what way, they can't be sure, since it's your DNA and only you can possibly be sure in what ways you've changed. Still, each visit leaves the potential for a fresh start smeared all over your fingertips.

But there are caves in between breaths, too, thinning and fading and slipping through the cracks under eyelashes. Finding the icons that can change DNA.

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