Sunday, April 19, 2009

Man, didn't we have a time.

I knew that there was a pretty good chance that this weekend in Vancouver was going to be fun, but there was just no way to predict that we would spend all of the last 48 hours laughing. All of my laughing muscles are sore. We ate a ton of good food, formed a religion, played a lot of goofy car games, drank wine on a dock, and laughed ourselves silly. It was just unstoppably fun.

I went to Vancouver with a few people I know socially but not terribly well, and the whole thing could have been a disaster. Instead, we lucked into a whole weekend full of more fun than I can remember having in a long, long time. I'm all refreshed and unwound and ready for spring and adventures and hijinks. We put together an ace traveling team, and I'm excited for whatever happens next.

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