Monday, February 09, 2009

My telephone seems to have reinvented itself as the Bad News Line, and if I thought that hiding it would do any good I would shove it in a drawer and leave it there until it had time to rethink what it's doing. Sometimes people are just calling to say hello, but more and more often in the last few months they're calling with bad news and no good news to balance it out.

So today I started demanding good news from almost everyone I saw. (Some people are good news just by being seen.) No one really has any good news, not that they can come up with on demand, or any good jokes, but I can't shove everyone in a drawer until they rethink their lack of good news because I simply don't have the drawer space.

The sky is the only thing that is coming through for me, these days, and this morning I walked out into my living room to find the trees covered in snow, as though the clouds had thrown the contents of their pockets in the air in an effort to distract me from being such a stressball. It had rained on top of the snow, and my boots crunched solidly across the ice all the way up the hill to work.

Tomorrow night, I will officially make a big decision to make a big commitment, or to not. A lot of things might be about to change.

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