Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My big change is...a new email address! Well, that wasn't supposed to be the big change, but it's certainly stressing me out today a lot more than the other thing, which I will get to in a minute. Last night I came home from celebrating the 15th birthday of my favorite bar to find that my email simply wasn't working. Which happens sometimes, so I went to bed, but it still wasn't working this morning. Seems that some time in the middle of the night, the place that used to have all of my things up and quit, and the people behind it say there's no getting in to retrieve anything or notify everyone or whatever. So now I have moved to gmail (which I hate hate hate), and as far as the internet is concerned I am someone new entirely. It's like someone came in and went spring cleaning and threw out my favorite clothes--all of your nice emails are gone, or in any case hiding somewhere in the depths of my computer.

The real news is that I have decided to apply to grad school for a program made for people working full time in my industry. I actually moved out here years ago with the intention of going to grad school for something different and didn't get in, and though I stuck around town anyway it's made me super gun shy as far as all of that goes. I never have been good with rejection.

I've been talking about going back to school on and off for years, but always for things I found interesting rather than useful. But I figure that if this thing I'm doing now is what I'm going to do then I might as well commit to it. Not going to save the world by waiting, especially not now that the economy is just as bad for those of us who are trying to save the world as it is for those that keep breaking it.

But this is a pretty big decision for me, because even just going back part time (provided I even get accepted) is a big commitment of time and dollars. Last night I sat in on a class to see what the program is like, and it seems like a pretty good way to move forward, which is a lot more appealing than sitting stagnant. This decision settles a bit of my restlessness, even though it is big and scary. We'll see how it all turns out.

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