Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dear everyone,

January? January was mostly stupidly boring. Ultimately that's probably for the best, since January excitement is pretty much never the good kind for me, but I'm still bored. And being bored tends to make me reckless.

I made a last minute decision to go to Florida for a whirlwind trip, which involved a lot of feelings and a bunch of suspicious bruises, but that doesn't count. I did storm out of a bar for the first time in my life, and would have tossed my drink for good measure if I hadn't already finished it. But really, I spent most of January trying to be very, very good, and that is, clearly, boring. Not once did I participate in a dance party or come home at dawn or high five a stranger or have anything that could be called hijinks, and that's just a waste of a month.

Mostly, I blame this on New Years resolutions, and the fact that no one else's resolutions ever seem to be in line with mine. I always want more out of my January, more adventures and people and laughing, but there seems to be a lot of less for everyone else--less being out, less food, less excitement. But for me, at least, all of this less also makes for less inspiration, which probably bores you just as much as it does me.

In any case, all of this good behavior makes me really cranky, and I fully intend to do something stupid in the next couple of weeks to make up for it.


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