Tuesday, October 07, 2008

They sure did get hitched!

And we sure did get fancy and wear ties on our heads and meet Crosby and Nash in a bar and have dance parties and accidentally trash a hotel room. And make new friends and see old friends, and go on a hayride full of booze, and have my first s'more, and run down empty streets, and wind the whole thing up with nudity and makeouts.

Man do I love weddings. Someone else should have one as soon as possible. I will, as soon as they make my union with bacon jam legal.

In Philly there was lasagna and cheese steaks and babies in jars and more gangrene than you can shake a stick at. Philly is a pretty ok town.

And then I flew home, following the sunset for a while, watching neighborhoods full of streetlights turn on as the dusk folded its hands over them. Later, flying next to the big dipper, steady and unchanging and feeling closer than it should. Finally coming home to find the fall settled firmly in and unpacked, ready to stay a while.

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