Thursday, October 02, 2008

I am heading to the airport shortly, to fly away to Delaware to watch these two get married, and then heading back to Philadelphia to hang with the famous Steph and Ryan. I will be back late Monday night. Don't wait up.

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the world that I love weddings, for all the sappiest of reasons. I'm pretty bad at that whole relationship thing, unless I'm forming an intense bond with an inanimate object or complete stranger, but I'm thrilled when, in the face of overwhelming evidence that things will go bust, people I like a whole lot are so stoked about each other that they want to give that whole forever thing a shot. Marriages, done right, are the ultimate show of enthusiasm, and you know how I feel about that.

And hell, I'm never going to pass up a chance to get all fancied up with my friends. Weddings are the greatest.

Anyway, since staying in town is for suckers, and because I want to stab anyone who uses the word 'staycation,' I'm also super thrilled to get to see Chang and Eng's conjoined livers and Grover Cleveland's tumor in Philly. My hope is that I will find someone there who is just as excited to talk about using maggots medicinally to remove the squishier remains of your conjoined twin when they die as I am, because I am really into that lately and everyone just looks at me funny. I hear Philly has other interesting things, too. Something about a bell?

Since I'm not going to be in town for this excellent rainy weekend, I think that you should do what I would be doing in my stead: listening to this song over and over while wandering around Eastlake under a clear umbrella. And then probably drinking too much and maybe kissing a stranger, but definitely giving high fives and talking too fast about the kind of things that prompt raised eyebrows. I am a creature of habit, but some of my habits are pretty awesome.

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