Saturday, October 25, 2008

A serious drawback of having absentmindedly gnawed off all of my fingernails over the last few weeks is that it's now tough to open necklaces, which not only makes it difficult to accessorize but which also made my attempt to untangle and hang up the jewelry on my bathroom counter take twice as long as it should have. I've been cleaning my apartment in anticipation of having people over in a few days. My apartment was a lot cleaner back when I went out less often and had company more often.

I like to blame all of this anxiety on the election, which certainly does give me a metallic panicky taste in the back of my throat whenever I think of it. I have broken myself of most of my more fidgety habits except in times of trouble, and these are certainly those. I have been spending too much time rattling around my apartment when I would much rather be distracted, I think.

In any case, I've only got about another week's worth of use out of this excuse, and hopefully soon I'll be able to wear necklaces again. I hate feeling under-accessorized.

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