Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've been having a lot of voting-based dreams lately, dreams where my ballot comes and I go to fill it out, only to find that every pen in my apartment has run dry, and then I leave to buy new pens but an earthquake hits, trapping me in the rubble of my apartment, civic duty unfulfilled. Leaking blood on to my ballot. I had intended, when the day came, to deliver the ballot by hand--have, in fact, taken the last couple hours off of my workday on the 4th for that express purpose. But I've become more and more filled with this sinking conviction that something will go badly wrong, and so this morning I sat at my little blue table in my slip and filled out the form, signed and sealed and stamped with more postage than required, and mailed it off.

It's all out of my hands now. I can be pinned under a fallen bookcase with no regret for that lost opportunity now.

Physically, I am a total wreck lately. My hands are bitten and bleeding and covered in bandaids, my left foot throbbing with some sort of muscle spasm from putting migrating insoles into my shoes. A few days ago I got a whooping cough booster and haven't been able to lift my arm since. I should be quarantined, because it's all too pathetic to stand.

Instead of quarantine, I think my Spider Man bandaids and I will go and party tonight. Now that I have voted, I can go ahead and fall apart.

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