Sunday, July 27, 2008

I watch a lot of documentaries, but they're mostly about two things--nature and people. I want to know everything about everything, but I want to know everything about those things particularly. I don't really want to be in nature, don't go hiking or swimming or any of those charming Northwest activities, but in these times of despair about the terrible things we have done to the world it eases my mind that nature is so large and perfect and ineffably wise, and always wins.

I want to know about you, of course, but I especially want to know about people who are great, people who inspire those they encounter to dream of greatness. I feel like there is a secret, somewhere inside of great people and the lovely clockwork of biology, that could give me a hint about how to get someplace new. I'll never shine like a star, but I wouldn't mind shining like a candlestick some day. Until I figure it out, I'm collecting notes.

Notes, and a lot of trivia.

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