Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Who is doing less walking and more prancing? Who's thinking about going back to school to major in sass? Just who, do you think, has returned to the regular schedule of eating strawberries and breaking hearts and wearing skirts?

Yeah, no, that's not me, aside from the strawberries and the skirts. But I'm working on it, aided and abetted by a whole lot of time on the balcony, in very small spurts. (Hello, global warming, it's nice to see you!) I've been laid out for the last few days with a head cold, logging hours sleeping on the couch when I'm not out doing something.

But it's more and more spring these days, and I'll be back in my groove soon enough. And then I'll be an unstoppable, navel gazing, cheeky lass. You know, like usual.

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