Sunday, May 14, 2006

I've turned my potted impatients around so that the sun will help them fill out a little bit but man, that plant is out of control. It's going to break into your apartment and steal your playstation and leave a mound of empty Rainer Ice tallboys next to your sofa. Be on the lookout.

TMS stopped by my apartment last night while I was roasting asparagus. I haven't seen him since new years, and he stood in my kitchen and made fun of my chopping technique, and I delighted in the easiness of the mocking. I'm searching for things that are a little less complicated, these days.
He mentioned that he's developed a theory that everyone has to have a Grand Romantic Gesture at least once in their life, one time of frantically running through an airport or showing up somewhere unexpectedly or in some other way proving that real life can sometimes equal a movie. His big dilemma is that he's never sure if this girl is the one he should be making his Gesture towards--what if the next girl deserves it more?
I just pointed out the obvious, that he can't ever be sure that there will be a next girl and so the smart way to go about it is to treat each girl like the correct one and Gesture away. Besides, I wasn't really the one he should be asking, with my 'hey that's MY sandwich, what if I was saving that for later' style of dating, no matter how full of books the other side of my bed happens to be. I was just trying to figure out if I knew how to cook.

So I don't know. TMS will be out there somewhere, making sacrifices to the god of Romance and hoping he figures out how to stop running this summer. I, on the other hand, will be growing flowers from my fingers and toes and trying whatever comes up out just in case it ends up being worthwhile and interesting.

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