Saturday, May 27, 2006

I met a small boy today ("I'm six and a half, actually") who wanted to know what the assorted buttons and knobs by the atomic teleporter did. I made things up for a while, but finally confessed that in large part both buttons and knobs were broken. This was the sort of opening he'd been waiting for.

"Speaking of broken, I just lost two teeth!" He grinned wide enough for me to see that while his two front teeth were missing, all the rest of them were firmly in place.

"Oh, neat! How'd you lose them?"

He considered this for a second, one eye scrunched closed, before answering, "Oh, just fiddling with them, I guess. With my tongue, mostly."

"I lost one at school once, bit into an apple and out it came. I had to leave my class and they gave me a popsicle."

His dad gave me a look, and I realized that the boy will probably spend the next week at school testing out my story, trying to work a tooth loose to see if a popsicle will be forthcoming in the nurse's office.

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