Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Halfway through my walk home I passed a man out mowing his grass. The edge of the lawn was level with my lower ribcage, a nice quirk of geography thanks to all of our hills. He was wearing headphones and so was I--I was listening to Rilo Kiley--and as I passed he stopped his lawnmower, so as not to spray me with clippings, and gave me two thumbs up. I smiled and answered back with my own thumbs.

Lord, y'all, this is a busy week. Tonight I'm having dinner with Manuel and then late happy hour with Steph and Ryan. Tomorrow I'll be in Belltown, with probably a quick trip by the bar afterwards as requested, to say hello to Jake. Thursday, there's happy hour with the Metrobloggers, and Friday is the Band of Horses show. I plan to abstain from fried foods until late Friday night, just in case they interfere with Band of Horses for the third time. If you need me, I will not be home.

All of which is, of course, awesome. I'm not sure who this girl is, but I'm having a lot more fun than I did when I was the girl who lived in Florida.

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