Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dear everyone,

I came home last night, after a flight that was an hour and a half late, exhausted. The lovely Ryan came to pick me up, because I have lovely friends. While we were in line to get on the plane the people in front of me asked what sort of mechanical errors had kept things on the ground back here in Seattle. You could see the agent thinking hard about whether or not to answer the question, before finally saying, "I don't know, they didn't tell me."
That is the answer I preferred to hear.

Boston was, as I've already told you, wonderful. By the end of my day of walking I found myself giving directions to other people, and half the people I passed looked like people I already knew. Jude and I talked and talked and talked, and a bus driver asked me to mail a letter for him. (And holy christ, I can order the best cannoli I've ever had online!. Well, in July I can. The world is a good and bright place.) As we were leaving for the airport the sky started to cloud over and by the time we got there it was raining, ending the unseasonable 60 degree weather that the city was using to seduce me. Boston: 1 samantha: 0

Now I am home and not planning to go anywhere for a little while at least, and I can already tell that once I've had a little bit of sleep I'll go back to being restless and slightly malcontented. That's how spring goes around here. I want to be going out and drinking beer and talking to strangers. April is already looking to be another busy month, full of shows and parties and inappropriate behavior. You'll be able to find me right in the middle of all of that--I'll be the littlest one, and I'll be smiling.



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