Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've been exhausted lately, waking up feeling like I haven't gone to sleep at all.

So far the second leg of my trip hasn't been so bad, although tomorrow is the day that everyone will be spending together, and I'm not really looking forward to all of the bickering that's going to be involved. What I'd really like is to be in any room in Seattle with a warm thumb trailing back and forth across my knuckles, but what I want doesn't really figure into anything at all. I decided to take this trip and I'm going to live with it. As long as it doesn't kill me.

What really amazes me is the sense of entitlement that my brothers have, the fact that they've grown up in relative comfort and stability and don't so much realize it. I keep myself from going all, "Boy, when I was your age..." but I sure do think it. As a result neither one of them has the need to make everything right like I always did.

There is some concern that my brother will fail the eighth grade out of sheer laziness.

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